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Sometimes, an empty horizon appears
The waves abandon their fragments of mystery
On the desert shore of a nameless land

Beyond the huge machines on the edge of dreams
Where images and words collide with silence
A spirit falls asleep and fades away

When the symbols veil the sky
When the fossils awake under a different star
The presence of infinity draws lines on the sand

In this world made of zero and one
All is ordered like the dance of dead leaves
Like the colors of a forgotten instant

In this mirror of another universe
Life is reflected in death
Death is reflected in life

When the clouds fade out in the wide
When the eternal is nothing more but the ephemeral
The presence of infinity draws lines on the sand

And time slips away…
And the dream slips away…
And the presence of infinity draws lines on the sand

One day, all will end
It will be time…
Yes, it will be time…
As I know that deviantART is an international website, I imagine that many people will be unable to red my poem in French, so I decided to translate it in English. I am wonderful, isn't it ?
The English is rather approximative, but I wanted to keep the translated text as close as possible to the original. If you see serious mystakes, don't hesitate to warn me !
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June 15, 2006
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